Making contact is only the first step in securing a genuine prospect. That’s why lead capture strategy goes hand-in-hand with lead generation. We start by working with you to determine which of your service areas you want to focus on based on revenue targets, development goals, or other growth criteria you specify.

A well-branded company that provides a clear and consistent message has a strong competitive advantage. Through communication with prospects and our extensive industry insight, we determine what those prospects are looking for and how well it matches your company’s service offerings. Once we have this information, we help you develop a strategy and messaging focus that presents your services relative to current industry needs.

Content Development

Once we determine a message that resonates with the industry, we help you develop content around that message – to show companies and industry professionals concrete examples that demonstrate your expertise in the exact areas they need. We show the world what sets you apart from your competition and what makes you the best at what you do.

Sales-Link helps your company build customer relationships using modern communication mediums to develop and execute successful and profitable campaigns. We offer writers, communicators, and industry experts to develop consistent, memorable content and laser-focused messaging for increased recognition, awareness and credibility. Some of this content includes:

  • Social Media Content
  • Blog Posts
  • Presentations
  • Press Releases
  • Brochures and Informational Promotion
  • Website Content and Strategy

We can write original content, use sections of your existing collateral, articles, etc. as well as write articles, and make blog, website, and social media posts for you.

The Social Edge

Social media is the most important part of any marketing, branding and communication today, and communities like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are helping companies to rise through the search engine ranks and be recognized above all of the online noise.

Social media is a must for building strong relationships, and Sales-Link can assist your company with the creation and management of successful campaigns. We help you decide which social media medium is the most beneficial for your industry’s service focus areas. We also look at industry climate and recent news to determine what may be related to your business that could benefit from your commentary. By presenting the right content over the right social channels, you become able to more effectively engage with industry and potential business contacts.

Tracking and Metrics

Sales-Link provides tracking and metrics to gauge the effectiveness of your messaging, communications, and campaigns. We look at these campaign metrics to discover which messages are working (including subject lines and clicks to marketing materials) and which contacts and companies are interested in your services. Then, we help you assess those organizations’ needs and product/service pipelines. Based on their level of engagement with your content, we can determine not only their current focus areas, but their potential future focus areas as well. The key is relating this information to your capabilities and service offerings to determine the ones in which they would be most interested.

Tracking & Metrics:

  • Outgoing emails per day
  • Email click-through tracking
  • Contact’s background and industry experience to start courting as they show interest
  • Email impressions to secure a meeting
  • Lead capture per month
  • Campaign tracking
  • Social engagement

Bridging the Gap

Once your lead generation system is up and running, it’s time to capture those leads and convert them to sales. Sales-Link helps you bridge the gap between lead generation and sales and to enhance the performance of both. A successful lead capture strategy is as dependent on nurturing your lead and converting them as it is on generating that lead in the first place.

We help your organization prevent leads from falling through the cracks by

  • Refining lead generation to align with company sales targets
  • Relieving the administrative burden of establishing connections and following them through to meetings and direct contact
  • Building up internal communication processes to ensure 360 degree communication between sales and lead generation (this also enables you to keep your data clean)
  • Ensuring you possess the content and materials necessary to establish buyer confidence and grow strong business relationships with your leads

We also work with clients who may not be ready to build a sales team. Sales-Link connects with potential buyers by taking on the role of the sales team, working closely with your company’s leadership, engaging potential buyers, and closing the sale.

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