Solid contact data is the backbone of any lead generation system. We understand how difficult it can be to organize and maintain a contact database, let alone manage it effectively. A constantly changing industry means a constantly changing database, and that presents a fundamental time challenge to any business.

Sales-Link has built a world-class database of over 200,000 validated contacts. Our dynamic list is constantly being updated to add new contacts and purge outdated or invalid entries. You can harness the power of this list to add to your own!

We will analyze your existing contact lists and:

  • Assess contact completeness and accuracy
  • Remove duplicates and invalid entries
  • Scrub the list for any who have asked you not to be contacted
  • Fill in missing data for incomplete contacts
  • Organize contacts into a sortable, filterable, manageable database
  • Integrate contacts from our database into yours to provide you with a complete and robust lead-generation platform

Have you purchased mailing lists or contact data? We can perform the same process to merge them into a master database. No more duplicate, incomplete or overlapping contact information to hamper your efficiency.

Building on the Foundation

Once Sales-Link helps you build the data foundation of your lead generation system, we start using that system to generate targeted leads for your business. The option is also available for you to use Sales-Link’s database on your own. Our proven, proprietary system provides the ability to filter contact data based on a variety of criteria including development phases, therapeutic area, geographic area, area of focus, and many others.

We also have the capability to pull together custom contact lists based on your criteria, grow them over time and campaigns, and keep them organized, up to date ranked, and prioritized.

A Systematic Approach

Sales-Link’s Data Enrichment process doesn’t stop there. We continue working with you as you use these contacts to generate qualified leads and close sales. This involves managing the lists relative to campaigns and tracking good contacts, outdated contacts, out-of-office messages, do not call requests, and other list scrubbing necessities. Additionally, if you prefer to have your internal staff complete this process, we can train the responsible personnel or department on how to do the same using our proven processes.

It’s all about providing you a clean, simplified and manageable contact system; a system with a clear lead generation process that you can successfully execute over and over again to continuously bring targeted, profitable leads to your business. You no longer have to be chained to an ill-equipped CRM system that was never meant for lead generation. Let Sales-Link help put your contact data to work for you!

A Helping Hand

Several of our clients have robust teams of sales representatives who prefer to retain lead generation in-house. Sales-Link leases access to our database. Our data, coupled with a small amount of painless user training, quickly opens many new doors for lead generation that would otherwise be difficult to navigate. Sales-Link provides nightly updates to keep data current and can assist with any aspect of contact management you require.

See how Sales-Link’s robust Database Services has helped our clients!

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