Why do most email marketing solutions get overlooked? It’s not the solution, but the uninformed lead generation team that is missing the boat. Come along and find that the reason for this misalignment is that the lead generation team either doesn’t exist, not “hunters” with a sales mentality, or they are simply understaffed.

Most email campaign systems do the job and they even resemble each other. We need them and some perform better than others. Statistics show that email campaigns are still the number one most successful tool to lead generate. So why aren’t companies satisfied with their business pipelines if they are using the tool that is supposed to generate the leads?

For one, companies think one letter will do the job to get the horse to the water and get it to drink the water. Not so!

Content is key to teaching prospects about your company and its offerings. You are telling a story that never ends because if it did, then you would not be growing. Keep potential new customers informed by keeping a newsletter current or something of equal stance. Create an ongoing historical record of experiences, events, relationships, product enhancements, goals, etc., you can then bite off little pieces and start posting to social media or make smaller email campaigns that feed information to potential customers.

The second one I see quite often is how many leads are left behind. Yes, the lead goes to sales and for many good reasons the salesperson and prospect have difficulty connecting, never to set up a day/time to properly talk.

Lead generation uses a combination of techniques and has been going through significant changes with the rise of online and social media methods. The amount of information online has led many into thinking they can go about it all by themselves nowadays; and sure, why not? That information is readily available for your consumption, so why would you need anyone else to help you out?

In doing lead generation for over 10 years now, I understand the process. Lead gen is just one part of your business, but I know you have other operational tasks you are enamored with each hour and day. I too worked on the other side of this business; there’s always something that will capture your attention and take you away from focusing on the lead gen aspect because it’s not a process that produces quick results.

Sales-Link will focus solely on the task of lead generation making sure that you have a continuous lead gen program in action daily. This is one function you want to keep working and never stop. You have to love doing this job and not have an ego because the door is slammed shut more times than opened. But that’s ok because if you are good at this, you pull yourself up and figure out another angle to explain the value you offer that fits this company. They just don’t see it yet and you haven’t figured out how to explain the value. Because this is all we focus on, we get it faster and hit the target more times than most; and we get the meeting scheduled because we don’t have to work on proposals or go to daily meetings.

When we set up an email campaign, at least 200 recipients are hand-selected to match your needs. Based on our discussion with you we learn your business, the value drivers and learn what a client looks like for you. We learn the titles, the responsibilities of the targets and most important where their pain is and how your solution is the medicine.

I understand that getting rejected can be frustrating, and even shatter some of your confidence, but lead generation is a numbers game. The more times you put yourself out there, the more you increase your chances of getting a meeting.

As I mentioned earlier, email marketing campaigns are the most effective method of lead generation and the stats don’t lie. However, there is more to it than just sending out one email and waiting for it to resonate. In order for you to have an effective campaign you must have all your information correct going into it. There’s no sense in sending out 200 emails if the majority of the email addresses are incorrect. If you do your pre-mailer homework and your necessary research, you can ensure better results.

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