One of my observations is that scientists could do better using promotion- the building blocks to recognition and awareness. With over 100,000 industry contacts and billions of patients suffering from many forms of disease, scientists have an audience that is ready, willing and able to learn about researchers, the celebrity of life sciences giving humans a chance at living the best life possible.

Scientists pursuing to be entrepreneurs need to find potential investors or established companies who can help fund their discovery. It can never be too early to start a dialogue with your readers but you are rightfully cautious to give out appropriate doses of information at the right time. You have to be cognizant of competitors working in the same area, but that should not stop you from promoting yourself and science.

The biggest hurdle is finding contacts to target your information while juggling multiple tasks throughout your day. Consider a marketing/lead generation company to do this work for you.

Lead generators can help CEOs of small scientific start-ups find therapeutic expertise by reaching out to researchers worldwide to help fill your scientific staffing requirements. Investors are going to ask for justification on the funding of your first clinical trial and you may need data on where the patients are, especially if you are working on a rare disease. A good lead generator will be able to find the investigators whose patients are suffering with the indications you are seeking for a protocol you are developing. CROs are in place to do the recruitment but they typically get involved and start working once you have a contract in place.

The job of collecting real time feedback from the industry doesn’t have to be so daunting if you find the right middleman to help you collect data points to allow you to socially write about your accomplishments. You drive the amount of information going out with your social media partner/middleman. In an earlier blog, I wrote about medical writing and mentioned the types of writing a company needs to do at different stages of development.

It is important to stay connected with colleagues in your field. A lead generator’s Prospect Tracking System works great for salespeople looking to make contact for new business but also for researchers who want to know the companies/contacts working in similar fields. Without access to such a system, you won’t get the reach affording you the ability to be in touch with appropriate relations for your business.

I often like to say, “We help scientists cure people with diseases.” Looking at the big picture- NCEs, INDs, 510ks , etc., we at Sales-Link realize that we’re helping move along research by connecting scientists, clinicians and laboratory players in the pharma/biotech world.

All major sports franchises have middlemen to push forth their main attraction- the players. High-profile television celebrities have agents to ensure they are being profiled at the right time in the right audience. We have quoted before that at Sales-Link, we believe that scientists are rock stars of the pharma/biotech industry and should be given their own passage to fans.

Instead of red carpet events or television commercials, we use social media, press releases, email campaigns and value-rich content so the quality of the science is transmitted to the fans, which in our case are the investors and patients.

Worried that you’re not up-to-date on social technology? I know it may appear a little overwhelming, and even intimidating, but Sales-Link outlines a specific plan for our customers on how each platform of social media can be used to benefit you and your research/company. In my opinion, you don’t need to go overboard; just use what you need without overdoing it. Like insurance, you don’t want to over insure yourself.

Blogging (just like we are doing here) is a resourceful tool. It allows you to show a personable side of you and your company. With writing, you are able to let some outsiders see your company from a behind-the-scenes look of things. I understand you may not want to let them in all the way, but maybe just a small glimpse into what you’re working on in the lab or where you plan to be with your science this time next year will give you just what you need!

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