Over the course of the last few months I have written about the pharma/biotech industry and how it relates to our everyday lives. Every topic from the importance of lead generation to closing a business deal was on our radar this year, with many others just as vital. Let’s take a look back at our favorite blogs which captivated readers in 2013.

New Year’s Resolutions for Business

What better way to begin our countdown of the year’s best, then to ring in the new with some helpful solutions? This was put together as I thought about what could be done to make my own business flourish in 2014. Don’t be stubborn, there’s always something you can improve upon. The suggestions I made were to:

  • Put together a client list
  • Get in touch with old clients and strike up a conversation
  • Attend training classes/conferences – consider new ways to learn the business
  • Eliminate extra spending
  • Make travel plans to new territories
  • Make usage of the newest technologies
  • Look for funding/outside investors

Sales-Link Offers Customers Quality Data

Buying data is becoming something more and more prevalent throughout the years. But the million dollar question is, are you receiving quality data for the money you are paying? Many companies have a CRM system full of names, but they are out of date and that’s why customers are shying away from buying data nowadays. At Sales-Link we have the most current information in our database and it’ll always be available to you. You’ll also be in touch with our marketing strategies and personal approach to creating meaningful relationships down the road. Our difference is that we are hunters ourselves and have experienced what sales people do every day.

Closing the Deal

I mention that it’s hard for me to stay out of the discussion circles regarding the final stages, i.e. the close of the sale. It is the most important part of the deal, and so many times, the smallest occurrence can get that ship off course. It’s important to present yourself in a glowing manner because you only get one chance to make a first impression. The entry paves the process of the deal from the initial acceptance to the closing and everything in between.

It’s Time to Add Lead Generation to Your Sales Strategy

Here, we compare lead generation to the general manager of a football team, and you would be the coach. Both sides have critical roles within the organization but each of you has to focus on the given task in order for the whole operation to be a success. Sales-Link, in essence, has the scouts that assemble the talent (leads) and find the best match for your products/services. Lead generation is a skilled trade and we have the people capable of carrying out those day-to-day tasks that are time consuming for most, which allows you to take care of the things that you need to.

Renovo Neural Sets the Industry Standard for New Research in Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Bruce Trapp of Renovo Neural sat down with us and explained the process of what has made Renovo Neural so successful. He is an innovator and labeled an expert in the study of the brain; his current research focuses on gaining a better understanding of myelination. Dr. Trapp does his research with Cleveland Clinic and looks for mechanisms to enhance myelin repair and limit neurodegeneration for MS patients. At Renovo, their goals are to establish assays and readouts for the development of new therapeutics, as well set the standard for how studies should be performed with reliability and reproducibility.

Starting a new year is exciting. Throughout January, I will be thinking about Sales-Link’s direction for 2014 finalizing my plans that I started thinking about in September 2013. If you are interested in gaining some notoriety and need some help boasting about your products, services, contact me so we can prepare a feature story.

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