As a lead generator I work directly with the B2B community on my top priority – supporting the client relationship by securing new business leads. But what drives me is representing the CROs on the cutting edge of science and technology. It’s their innovations that lead directly to helping sick people live better lives.

I currently work with Renovo Neural, a specialized preclinical research organization offering services revolutionizing biological research and development of neural therapies, specifically multiple sclerosis. Renovo’s preclinical models, researchers and automated electron microscopy provide high-quality standard and customizable preclinical solutions. Renovo provides these specialized research services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, non-profit organizations and academic researchers. Renovo’s team consists of award-winning researchers, dedicated scientists and entrepreneurs.

On June 20, 2013, Sales-Link had the honor of interviewing Bruce Trapp, PhD, Founder, Chairman of SAB, and Chief Scientific Officer of Renovo Neural, on the topic of multiple sclerosis research and discovery. I was struck by a quote from the interview.

I’ve seen that the quality of life of a person with multiple sclerosis is often established by their approach to the disease. A positive approach makes their quality of life much better. As scientists, we have to give them hope. We have science that shows that the multiple sclerosis brain never gives up repairing itself.

Dr. Trapp’s insightful words reminded me of a friend’s story, which she was kind enough to share with me again for this post.

In 1992 at the age of 28, I woke up and my right hand was closed. Fear engulfed me; I had 20 percent use of my right hand. I made an appointment to see my general practitioner who checked it out, ordered no test, gave me muscle relaxers, and sent me on my way. Four days later, I had full use of my right hand again and I thought about it no more.

In May 2009, I wasn’t feeling well so I made an appointment to see the doctor and was wondering if I was having a stroke. My blood pressure was high and I was told to report to the emergency room because I also had a tingling sensation on my left cheek. Cat scan results showed no signs of stroke, so I was sent home and told to see a neurologist. The neurologist ran several sensory tests to check for multiple sclerosis. All came back good.

The day after my 45 birthday, I was on vacation in Las Vegas and took a horrible, unexpected fall. Looking around afterwards, there was absolutely no reason for my stumble – no obstacle in my way or misstep. Then in September 2009, a host of unusual symptoms started to plague me and I thought I was dying a miserable death that no one could explain or diagnose. I had numbness in my fingers, toes and groin area, and tightness around my abdomen, which was truly frightening. I again went to my doctor and was referred back to the neurologist. He then told me it sounded like multiple sclerosis – I was officially diagnosed in December 2009.

After initially not coping with my diagnosis, I then decided to educate myself on the disease. I take my meds every day and learn to live and enjoy life. Most importantly, I discovered an awesome fitness trainer who renewed my spirit and hope. I now continue to live a healthy, productive life. Since working out, my lung capacity has increased and my relapses are tolerable. Exercise and diet have been key to managing my condition.

Dr. Trapp’s words rang true for my friend, and I hope sharing his message will do the same for the estimated 2.1 million people struggling with multiple sclerosis (National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation).

Lead generating has now become more than just a job for me; it’s the start of a very long process to help those that are suffering from pain and sickness. It’s a privilege to work with inspiring pioneers like Dr. Trapp and the team at Renovo Neural.

Talking about multiple sclerosis in my daily communications and through social media has become an integral part of my work on behalf of Renovo Neural, and my B2B conversations have extended beyond CROs to encompass an international community of advocates, researchers and even people suffering from the disease.

We all yearn to learn more about what’s happening behind the lab doors at not only Renovo, but at labs across the globe. I now understand what drives my clients’ passion to succeed – the people with the diseases for which they dedicate their lives to the research.

Join us for “Moving your MS Pipeline Forward With Reliable and Reproducible Preclinical Data” Webinar: Thursday, August 29, 2013 from 1-2 PM

If you’d like to take part in the conversation on multiple sclerosis research and discovery, join Renovo Neural on August 29 for a webinar entitled, “Moving your MS Pipeline Forward With Reliable and Reproducible Preclinical Data.” The company scientists will discuss their work in the multiple sclerosis field and open up the webinar to feedback from participants regarding their views on the disease and its progress in treatment, research and drug development.

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  • Hi Susan,

    This is a compelling story to start a business and lay the ground for a success. Understanding the obstacles of patients and helping to find a solution for their needs are the biggest driving points.

    It is well presented!

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