On July 4th we will celebrate the Independence of this great nation. It’s an occasion to recognize and honor our courage as a people. This holiday I was reminded again of the strength of men like my father who served in the Marines. My entrepreneurial spirit has been shaped by his steady, but adventurous spirit.

Twenty years ago, I followed a gut feeling that led me to make big changes in my life – I moved thousands of miles from my familiar home and started Sales-Link Network. Lead generation was a young industry at the time, but in my heart and mind I knew my deep appreciation for the pharma/biotech world would power my passion for the work. I didn’t have very much then and while it was a nervous time, it was also a very exciting and enjoyable experience. To this day, my bold move has given me the confidence and strength to make other difficult choices in life.

Today, I appreciate every day of my life. I am doing exactly what I had a choice to do and I took the steps to decide how I wanted to live. Luckily for me, all the twists and turns have been good ones. Still, no matter if it be luck or deliberate focus, I made choices freely. My independence is my lifeline, and, without it, I would be stifled and anxious.

My dad would always say, “To make the right decisions, write down the pros on the left side and the cons on the right side, then make your choice and don’t look back.” Perhaps he’s looking down on me saying, “you made the perfect decision for you.”

Happy Independence Day and enjoy exercising your own personal choices in life and work! There’s no better time to start.

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