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Absolutely. We identify contacts that are relative to our clients’ specific products and services. Our researchers focus on generating and maintaining company and contact information for all industry types, including scientists, discovery researchers, preclinical, clinical, toxicologists, regulatory, branding, sales and marketing. Thanks to our proven processes and industry expertise, SALES-LINK’s database of 200,000+ contacts are uniquely targeted for your specific company’s needs.
It could be 5 or 22 leads per month. How good are your products/services, and how are you perceived by the industry? SALES-LINK finds those answers and helps you to maximize your results.
SALES-LINK’s President Susan Walsh offers clients a combined 35 years of business, sales and marketing experience. Additionally, she has a unique advantage of being involved in promoting services required in ALL phases of drug/device development including discovery, preclinical, regulatory, safety and efficacy phases of clinical research (Ph-I to Ph IV) and post marketing studies.
Yes. We handle this effectively by assigning separate account managers, who work exclusively for each client. Messaging is key to uniquely showcasing our clients’ services and products. No company will have the exact same message; yet, every SALES-LINK client can expect the same exciting results.
We have been lead generating since 2005 and engage in cold calling, attending conferences, and sending plain text email messaging using MicroSoft Outlook. Our best results are achieved by the latter method of email messaging. A short, value driven message matched to targeted prospects in our well-maintained and enriched database generate new business opportunities. The email recipient appreciates reading the email, then responding on his or her own timeline versus being initially contacted with a cold call out-of-the-blue.

Most people utilize email as their preferred correspondence and read emails at their convenience, whether at the office or on the go. SALES-LINK emails have a better than average open and response rate. Cold calls do not work for busy people. We would rather capture your target buyer’s attention by email, the preferred source of communication.

Yes. Conference calling is a convenient and cost effective way to introduce your company. Prior to booking plane tickets for that face-to-face meeting, many people prefer to evaluate if a company is a match, prior to investing in a face-to-face meeting.
You may have specific goals in mind when working with us, but you’ll soon become confident that we’re looking out for your company beyond the obvious. SALES-LINK has experience in setting up meetings where unexpected business has been generated. Examples include sponsors phasing out internal testing groups and seeking meetings with CRO labs to take over the work. Keeping your needs in mind, but thinking outside the box SALES-LINK will encourage meetings that could result in big results.
Purchasing data from a large business intelligence database is easy; however, like buying a car, the minute it leaves the lot, the value diminishes. For contact lists, you should put a plan in place to maintain and grow the data. Putting data into CRM systems does not work, mainly because processes are not incorporated or easy to follow due to complicated directions forced into a CRM system not intended for lead generation. Read our blog post on the topic.

SALES-LINK’s processes and system make it possible to manage and maintain contacts. Our team simplifies the use of the data to maximize results, generating leads and closing sales.

Yes. We have been contracted to assist clients in a sales capacity. Based on our team’s knowledge of the industry and sales experience, we often exceed expectations.
Our average contract is three years. We encourage a six-month contract to start and grow with our clients.
Often immediately; however, before we begin our lead generation work SALES-LINK will need to understand and assess if your company’s value is clearly outlined in a short message for the products and services offered. When we speak with potential leads, SALES-LINK must have a consistent message that clearly demonstrates your value. Making a link must be a win-win for the client and the prospect.