Our Team

Sales-Link, Inc. employs 10 full-time staff, many of which have been with the company for over 6 years. We are industry experts and employ a customer-centric culture – our staff will work as representatives and extensions of your company. They reside on both the east and west coasts and many maintain weekend hours, all to accommodate our clients’ needs and workday hours.

We understand the importance of working with customers and maintaining a rock-solid contact database to generate leads. Our researchers are mission-focused on generating and managing company and contact information for all industry types, including scientists, discovery researchers, preclinical, toxicologists, clinical, regulatory, branding, sales and marketing.

What We Do

Our world-class industry contact database is enriched daily by our skilled team of researchers. It is continually updated, validated, and scrubbed to ensure our clients receive the most relevant and diverse lead generation opportunities. Securing contacts relative to your products and services is at the heart of what we do.

Trustworthy, experienced and persistent are how clients often describe the SALES-LINK team.Our successful results are due to our tailored lead generation technology and our team’s ability to identify and pursue the correct targets. We know that cold calls are often unsuccessful, but a warm lead from our industry database can yield exciting results.

The SALES-LINK database is also available to be utilized in your own environment, and our team is available for training.

At SALES-LINK, our work also extends beyond the industry database. Our lead generators are experienced in matching your company’s offerings with influential buyers. Our team is consistently researching industry needs, trends, and innovations. We work tirelessly to generate worthwhile leads for your business that we help you follow through to a meeting. We don’t let leads fall through the cracks.

Because we maintain a contact database that is second to none, we also utilize its wealth of information for recruitment and locating the right people – people that companies often have difficulty finding. With 200,000+ approachable contacts spanning the entire industry spectrum, let Sales-Link be your company liaison to find the people you need. We understand your industry unlike any outside recruiter.